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July 10, 2024

Funboy Floating Cabana Pool Bar

$79 at amazon

If you haven’t heard of Funboy, in all likelihood you don’t have a pool. But if you are looking to buy a gift for someone who loves their pool, then allow me to introduce you. They have everything … well, yes, fun … for days at the pool, but nothing is tacky or ordinary. From a unique unicorn float and a chic chaise lounger to a baby’s golf cart float and fabric-covered sunbeds in sophisticated neutrals, everything is simply a little more special than your garden-variety pool accessories. 

Which brings me to the Floating Cabana Bar. Anyone with a pool who enjoys outdoor entertaining is going to be blown away by it as a housewarming, a poolwarming, or a generous hostess gift. It’s nearly 6 feet long, and can be used out of the water too, set up on a table next to the food for a touch of whimsy. The shade is fabric, not plastic, so drinks stay cooler than you might think. It features holders for ice and snacks and four cups or cans. And for anyone with kids, wouldn’t this be an adorable lemonade “stand”? You have your pick of four colors: yellow, pink, aqua, and navy. My favorite is the sunny, cheery yellow, but it’s great to have options.

To me, it’s all a bit Pottery-Barn-esque, but without the prices that go with it.

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