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July 10, 2024

ThermoPro TempSpike II Truly Wireless Bluetooth Cooking Thermometer

$140 at amazon

Even if your giftee is a whiz in the kitchen, or a grill master who always says he “just knows” when the ribs are done, using a meat thermometer is really the only way to be 100 percent sure the food is cooked just the way you like it–and safely. The difference between the perfect medium-rare ribeye and one that’s a little too chewy is only five to 10 degrees. And with the price of meat these days, it’s crazy to buy it and not enjoy it. Guessing is even riskier when you’re hosting a dinner for friends. 

So if you have a special person who loves to cook, or wants to learn to level up their talents in the kitchen, gifting them this exceptional meat thermometer could be an awesome idea. Not only does the TempSpike II ensure excellent entrees, but it also gives the cook the ability to relax and enjoy guests. This top-tier thermometer with advanced 5.2 Bluetooth technology sends estimated remaining cooking time, temperatures, alerts, and more details straight to a smartphone. It has a wireless range of 500 feet, so the chef is freed from hovering around the stove or grill. Being wireless, it’s supremely versatile, easy to use not only in the oven or on the grill, but with a rotisserie or even a smoker. 

This upscale cooking helpmate features two separate probes, essential if you’re cooking steaks for two different people at the same time. That’s also a game changer when preparing a large cut like a roast or a whole bird, which don’t cook evenly. So you can separately monitor the top and side of a pork shoulder, and the breast and thigh of a chicken or turkey. The backlight LCD allows for easy use even in dim light, say as it’s starting to get dark but latecomers just arrived to a cook-out. 

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